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A Letter from Old John

A Letter from Old John

My friends and I are excited to tell you about our experience with the One who has made a great difference in our lives. We think he belongs to another world, that he came from the One True God to give us Life, and that he is that Life. We are passing on this good news we’ve found so you can share the same joy and be friends with us, united in knowing God and Jesus, the One whom he sent.

Another way One way to express this good news is that the One True and Living God is Light and only Light. We do not have to worry about God; there is no dark side. That’s an illusion, a lie that some people have made up. God is Light, period.

Yes, I know there are people who claim to have a personal relationship with this All-Light God even though their lives emit more darkness than light. You can be sure that such people are self-deceived and are not saying or doing what is right.

Instead, it works like this: if we are seeking to live our daily lives in the presence of the Al…