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Intentions for 2008

My Intentions

1. I intend to live in conscious awareness of God's loving presence.
2. I intend to live so as to make plausible and tangible the love of God.
3. I intend to trust God's sovereign love, to abandon myself to God’s providence,
4. I intend to be aware of and to follow the Spirit's leading.
5. I intend to be a good steward of my body, to eat right and less (fewer carbs, less fat, less salt),
and to bike or walk at least five days a week.
6. I intend to read and watch what is beneficial and enjoyable, to watch less TV, and to spend
less time on the computer.
7. I intend to read two books a month.
8. I intend to write more and make available to others what will be helpful, to write what is
positive, beneficial, to be a bearer of light.
9. I intend to simplify my life, to get rid of stuff: possessions, clothes, metings, beliefs that don't
work, all "baggage," etc.
10. I intend to teach well but not to obsess about it to listen more and more carefully…