Intentions for 2008

My Intentions

1. I intend to live in conscious awareness of God's loving presence.
2. I intend to live so as to make plausible and tangible the love of God.
3. I intend to trust God's sovereign love, to abandon myself to God’s providence,
4. I intend to be aware of and to follow the Spirit's leading.
5. I intend to be a good steward of my body, to eat right and less (fewer carbs, less fat, less salt),
and to bike or walk at least five days a week.
6. I intend to read and watch what is beneficial and enjoyable, to watch less TV, and to spend
less time on the computer.
7. I intend to read two books a month.
8. I intend to write more and make available to others what will be helpful, to write what is
positive, beneficial, to be a bearer of light.
9. I intend to simplify my life, to get rid of stuff: possessions, clothes, metings, beliefs that don't
work, all "baggage," etc.
10. I intend to teach well but not to obsess about it to listen more and more carefully, to talk less
and to ask more questions, to teach for depth and to test for breadth.
11. I intend to keep daily times of prayer, silence and meditation.
12. I intend to develop and nurture relationships, taking time to listen, staying in contact with
family members and friends.
13. I intend to “enjoy the life I have been given,” to be thankful, to eliminate criticizing and
complaining, to accept what is, and to be peaceful through vicissitudes.
14. I intend to be open to new ideas and experiences.
15. I intend to have fewer opinions, to listen more & talk less.
16. I intend to be less influenced by trivial, external 'noise'/stimuli and so to be less reactive.
17. I intend to have fewer intentions.


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