1 Corinthians 13 as if it were about God's love for us

A Paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 13 As If It Were about God’s Love for Us

1 The love of God is more important than the Bible, spiritual talk, and theology.

2 It is more important than planning, prophecy, meditation, and miracles.

3 It is even more important than social justice and humanitarian service. All these things may be good, but if there is no God who loves us and all people, then they are just so much human noise.

4 God’s love is patient, it is kind, and it is not jealous of our other loves (like our families, baseball, and chocolate). God isn’t worried about how important God is or whether he always gets the credit he deserves.

5 God is someone you’d like to have coffee with, and he doesn’t wear a watch. He isn’t always telling you his stories, but takes the time to listen to yours, and doesn’t interrupt, except maybe to laugh. And you can’t make him mad, even if you aren’t always nice to him or forget his birthday. He doesn’t hold a grudge or even remember your screw-ups.

6 God’s love is never happy when people mess up, but it always says, “Way to go!” when people do what’s right.

7 God’s love can carry great burdens but is never over-burdened. He has time for your tears and solace for your sins. God believes the best about you, and he made you and knows you like no one else. God’s love is the ground of all hope, and God’s love never gives up.

8 Ultimately, in the end of all things, God’s love will win, even if it takes extra innings. Many people and priorities come into our lives, and then they go. Good and bad happen to us, and we don’t know why.

9 There are all kinds of predictions about the future: some happen and some don’t.

10 It is enough that God loves us.

11 Now, we have adult questions and childish answers.

12 Now, we speak about love without understanding, but one day we will experience God’s love to the depth of our capacity to know it.

13 Now abides God’s mysterious power-in-weakness, his beautiful goodness, and his all-including love, these three; but the greatest of these is God's love, his love for all human beings, shown to us in Jesus, God's Son our Lord.


Gisela said…
Wow. I love this. It is a keeper and a must share. Beautiful!

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