Our 2017 Christmas Letter

Christmas 2017

It’s only December 1. I never write the annual Christmas letter this early! OK, here goes - just treat it as you usually do - the Delete file - well, at least it won’t add to your recycle bin. 

We moved mid-year. Our new address, in case you need to track us down so we can right some wrong we may have committed against you, or to report us to the NSA (oh, wait, they already know) is: 1371 SW WINDSOR ST., OAK HARBOR, WA 98277. 

We love our new home, 1600 sq ft., less than half the size of our dear old, still unsold house in Coupeville. All one floor, no outdoor maintenance, no stairs, much more convenient for yelling questions at each other (no pretending you didn’t hear that request that always begins with “Sweetheart, would you . . . .?), and in a senior living community of small houses labeled “55 and better”) called Whidbey Green.  

I’ll have to get out my calendar for 2017 to remember what happened this year. I envy you if YOU can remember what happened more than a few weeks, or is it days, ago. I literally do not remember what I had for breakfast on Monday. I rely on probabilities. I probably had cereal.

This year we had many adventures that included traveling to:

January - Indio, CA with the whole family
February - Liberia, Costa Rica with Jason, Helen, Nina, and Nathaniel
June - Seattle for the Tigers vs. Mariners 4-game series & a family gathering in Colorado.
August - Michigan for a celebration and remembrance of Jane Self Myers, Michele's mom.
September - a 17-day trip with Grand European Travel to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. 

We continue to be active and involved in our church and community through volunteer work.

This month the family is coming back to Whidbey for Christmas. Jason and his family arrive Dec. 23. Then Amy, Peter, and Sam, and Sarah and Matt come on Christmas Day. We are looking forward to lots of good times, games, and meals together. 

As you can see, if you read this far, we have so much to be thankful for, including the good health and resources to do these things. We hope you and your family enjoy a blessed and peaceful Christmas. May the love we share keep us from being discouraged during these very difficult times in our nation and world. We will all hope for better days, especially for people suffering and in need, in 2018. 

Peace and love, 
Michele and Tom Johnson



Anonymous said…
Thanks, Tom. You and Michele certainly live active lives.

I didn't realize you'd been to Liberia. I'll bet you have some stories to tell. I hope I can hear them some day.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

- John (the Duck)

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